Climate Action Planning

We are only beginning to understand how climate change will transform the operations of companies, communities, and institutions across the world. AMP Green Solutions exists to help our clients strategically plan their operations in a way that not only mitigates their impact on climate but also increases their resiliency to change.


Goal Setting

The first step to making progress is creating a target. We help our clients develop appropriate climate goals that are both environmentally responsible and fiscally beneficially, identify the appropriate metrics and data necessary to track performance over time, and calculate a baseline to measure progress against. We develop reduction goals using Science Based Target initiative guidance as well as IPCC goal setting recommendations.


Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an integral step to achieving one’s sustainability goals. We help our clients examine which facets of their operations impact the climate, identify specific strategies aimed to reduce their environmental footprint, and define a transparent road map for how they plan to meet their goals.